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Event Sponsorship

The Encumbered is a non-profit dedicated to encouraging the development of our youth into strong hires or new entrepreneurs. At the same time, our mission includes assisting charities and missions that serve the underprivileged in our communities.

We have partnered with Pleasants Landing to provide the “Love the Lake” summer concert series to our neighbors and friends.

However, these events are not possible without the unique relationship we must have with local businesses as sponsors, and the organizations we seek to help.

These partnerships make these events cost-effective, thereby allowing us to provide a large percentage of the proceeds to go toward organizations and charities we match to each concert.

Please visit

Sailor Level $100.00                      Ensign Level $75.00                        Landsman Level $50.00

4 Park Passes                                 4 Park Passes                                   2 Park Passes

2 Pleasants Landing T-shirts         2 Pleasants Landing T-Shirts           2 Pleasants Landing T-Shirts

2 Pleasants Landing Ballcaps